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  - That there is a pathogenetic treatment of an alcoholism (limiting components "find out themselves")
// In: Горюшкин И.И.  МЕХАНИЗМЫ АЛКОГОЛИЗМА: регуляционно-структурные отношения (патогенез, лечение, диагностика), монография. М.: Спутник+, 2008:91-115.
Горюшкин И.И. - Что есть патогенетическая терапия алкоголизма (лимитирующие звенья "себя обнаруживают") - русский ]

          Key words:    alcohol, alcoholism narcotic, pathogenesis, social, transferases, treatment, gamma-glutamyltransferase, aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase, ALT, AST, GGT, therapeutic

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   1._ Alcoholism, on advantage - disease intoxicationful and hepathologic (instead of purely narcological, or mental);

   2._ An inclination (to alcohol, to a narcotic or to an opposite sex) biologically - only the vital attribute referring an organism on realization actual for it, at present, of the vital necessity;

   3._ For a society the necessity for narcotic substances is socially unacceptable necessity; to be exact, excessive necessity, therefore as moderated is unacceptable: whether it be drunkenness or, for example, a tobacco smoking, - while, as is known, does not meet serious counteraction;

   4._ If the purpose of treatment of an alcoholism - to help the patient to recover, pathogenetic therapy is necessary;

   5._ An integral part of pathogenetic treatment of the alcoholic is - its social adaptation (i.e. reprogramming of its "consciousness") if I will, of course, be retried, as the purpose to have - to help the patient to recover;

   6._ Without knowledge of pathogenesis of diseases to turn to it (medicine), even by means of statistical calculations of "evidence-based medicine", - to system of scientific knowledge, nothing will help; today (and not only in the theory, but also in practice), - systems approach, systems analysis is necessary for medicine;

   8._ Correct use of mathematical methods (statistics) in medicine demands also ability to mathematical, abstract thinking and derivation; without same, use of statistics - and "the eaten away egg is not worthy";

   9._ If, a problem of an alcoholism to consider it is system, becomes obvious, that limiting processes in biological systems "and find out themselves";

   10._ And, consequently, increases of levels of activity of transferases: gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) in blood serum of alcoholics also are that other, as limiting components of alcoholic pathogenesis finding out;

   11._ And, therefore, pathogenetic therapy of an alcoholism should be accompanied (first of all, or including) by normalization of levels of activity of these transferases;

   12._ And, consequently, only the adequate measures referred on normalization of activity of these transferases, can turn out sufficient and for "treatment" from an alcoholism;

   13._ Measurement in blood of alcoholics, along with a GGT and AST, - also an alanine aminotransferase (ALT), - it is necessary to consider as additional "agent" of the control over efficiency and pathogenestic of made treatment (i.e. - the control over change of "parameters of a biochemical condition" the patient);

   14._ Without the social equipment on abstention from abusing alcohol and on the healthy way of life, which else and a society were approved and encouraged, - no "purely pathogenetic treatment is able help the decision of a problem of an alcoholism;

   15._ If depression of level of transferases i n blood does not occur, fault to it can be, as we already noted, only two reasons: continuation (secret) use of alcohol or inadequate medical influence;

   16._ Thus, the biochemical estimation of a condition of the patient (with use of transferases) can help and in objectivization of the diagnosis of an alcoholism, and in specification of a stage of this disease and makes therapy of this disease of more effective - because the estimation of "biochemical state parameters" patient - is always concrete and is always individual.

The bases of these statements
can be seen here:
[ Goriushkin I.I.  "Alcoholism: what is a pathogenetic treatment? A systemic approach"
// Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im SS Korsakova 2006;106(4):90-4. Russian (English) ]

       [ Goriushkin I.I.  "Sequence of involving of the ferments presented in blood serum (GGT, AST, ALT) in alcoholic pathogenesis"
// In: Problems of modern narcology: Respublic sbornic nauchni trudov, Moscow, 1991:40-2. Russian ]

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